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Alopecia Hair Loss

Hair on The Move offers you an opportunity to save your existing hair with our advance treatments.

Ms. Roni has over 30 years of experience in Hair Replacement and Hair Care. I have worked as a Hair Replacement Technical trainer for Hair Club for Men and now for the past 10 years I have been serving clients in Los Angeles, North Hollywood , Upland CA. and Las Vegas NV.

I have a celebrity client list that has been with me for years and several of them now wear their hair with extensions for length and some fullness.

Below is a list of the types of Alopecia that can be responsible for hair loss. Call me or send me a picture of your hair loss pattern and I can schedule an appointment for a consultation.

We can also schedule a Hair Replacement, Custom Made Wigs or Hair Extensions service or a Hair Treatment to start with.

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 There are 8 types of ALOPECIA

LOCALIS - Hair loss occuring in patches due to nerves at the site of an injury.

MAGLINA - Severe and Presistent.

PERMATURA - Baldness beginning before middle age.

SEBORRHEICA - Caused by diseased sebaceous glands.

SENILIS - Baldness occuring at old age.

SYPHILITICA - Baldness occuring at the second stage of syphilis.

TRACTION - Caused by holding hair tight and under tension for long periods of time.

UNIVERSALIS - Condition of falling out of body hair, eyelasses, brows and other body hair.

Ladies if you are experiencing hair loss I am prepared to help with your Hair Loss.

Contact Ms. Roni @ 310-902-1354 for professional consultation.

Hair is more than Extensions and Hair Replacement, it should also be Healthy.

New Services:

Brazilian Hair Straighting and Brazilian Chocolate

Our new products allow your hair to have an instant sheen along with Keratin to protect the Hair itself.

Brazilian Hair Straightening Specials 125.00 Specials

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